Teaching Money, Money, Money! With Shopping

Teaching Money, Money, Money! With Shopping

We attended the education show and had a fantastic reaction. On the way back, myself and a colleague raised the question, ‘What else do children like?’ FOOD we said in unison and The Café was soon in production.

The Cafe, Snack Pack and Lollies

It has been our best seller to date, and just has 10 food items marked 1p to 10p. It brings maths concepts such as ‘total’, ‘difference’, into a meaningful situation. Questions about change and money are endless. Problem solving situations are easy to highlight.

The Cafe

The Cafe - teaching money 1 to 10 pence

Yes there are burgers and ice cream items that are not the most healthy, but if children are interested, they will learn. The Café was such a success, that we soon moved on to a healthier second set that took food items from 10p to 20p and this was called Snack Pack with lots of fruit items within it.

Snack Pack - teaching money 10 to 20 pence

Following a SAT’s test with a lolly question that caught everybody out, we created Lollies with multiples of 5p.

Lollies - teaching money multiples of 5's to 85 pence

These three money products have sold so well. They make money more concrete and understandable. The reverse side of all have blank boxes so that all cards are adaptable to ANY amounts of money.

Money is so difficult to teach as you have to be able to count in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s and 100s that are also 1s.

This is a great warm up exercise for the whole class.

  • They all stand and start counting perhaps from 30 to start in 1s.
  • When they get to 35 you say, ‘CHANGE – 5s’ and they carry on in 5s.
  • Once they get to 50 then say ‘CHANGE – 10s’ and continue changing the numbers as you go.

For more information on these products click on the product images.

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