HELLO WORLD! Welcome to Sweet Counter!

HELLO WORLD! Welcome to Sweet Counter!

Hello and Welcome to anybody and everybody that might be out there and reading this. It dawned on me when I saw the film Julia and Julia (where Amy Adams writes recipes in a Blog) that I could do the same, but share some of my teaching thoughts and how to get the most out of my company’s products.

For those that have no idea who I am, I trained as a Primary teacher in 1974 in the days when you could teach what you wanted as long as the Head agreed, and stopped teaching (2004) when I spent hours following someone else’s lesson plans – usually very boring and ticking boxes that were irrelevant. I had to stop looking at what a particular child needed to follow the government’s plan. None of them have taught, or inspired children, or seen the look on their face when they get something.
I honestly didn’t have time to teach because of the business that I’d started in 1996. See the side notes.

It became my third child and I have been obsessed with it ever since. I have traveled the country attending exhibitions and talking to numerous teachers, and what a dedicated lot they are! They come out on Saturdays, they pay with their own money, and they can’t wait to try out the resources the following week. Hope Mr Gove realizes this. Bet he doesn’t buy his own notepads and pencils.

As you will see the resources are fun and child centered and designed to teach a concept. I hope my blogs – some short and some long will be of interest to you and you can tell a colleague to tune in to my ideas and thoughts and messages.

Let’s start with a quick joke.
What did the digit 0 say to the 8?
Neat belt!

0 8

Well it made me laugh 🙂

Regards Chris Mayo

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