Primary School Social Mapping

Primary School Social Mapping

I just did a talk and very few people had heard of this really useful ‘social mapping chart’. It shows where the ‘power’ is within the ‘peers’.

As the children are going out to play, ask them to write their name on a piece of paper and underline it. They then write down two people who they would like to sit next to if they had a choice. You may have to help some very young children with the writing of the name, so these children can whisper to you. They must also put the first initial of the surname if there are two children with the same name.

Once all the papers are in, it takes about 20 minutes to chart the results. Get a piece of blank paper and write the underlined name of the child and then draw arrows pointing to the going to the names of the other children.

You will soon see a pattern of the popular children getting 4, 5, or even 6 arrows.

A few children will just have one arrow and a reciprocal arrow.

3 or 4 children will have NO ARROWS.

Can you look at the dynamics of the class and decide why this is????

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