Sweet Counter’s Place Value is born

Sweet Counter’s Place Value is born

Have you seen the film Sliding Doors? An odd happening can change your life. If I had not forgotten my straws – which I used to teach Place Value, I would not be writing this now. I realized I had forgotten the straws at break time, and hastily cut up card jars of sweets, 100, boxes of sweets, 10s and individual sweets for units.


Hundreds, Tens and Units

The crux of its success is that seeing a jar of sweets representing 100 on the front, on the reverse side you can see just a plain jar with ‘1 hundred’ on it. Likewise 10 has ‘1 ten’ on the reverse and so if children are counting 64, they can turn the 60 over and see 6 tens. If they are counting in tens starting on 4, then 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 54, 64 etc. then children can see that they are not altering the units side.

(Even all those years ago, the Political Correct brigade were fussing about sweets and this is why the sweet images are geometric designs.)

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