Number Visualisation and Visual Learning

Number Visualisation and Visual Learning

So the last blog mentioned number direction and value of number.

The majority of children transpose number 14. This means they will write 41 and the explanation is obvious, as we say 4 first and they know it has a 1 in it.
Eleven and twelve and thirteen are hard as they are totally new sounding words. At least you can say ‘Legs Eleven’ and draw pictures so that children can visualise an image.

This is another big message – Visualisation

The majority of us are visual learners, and we need an image to help us retain the information in our memories.

Some teachers refer to these teen numbers as 1 ten and one, and 1 ten and 2 etc.

Ready Teddy Go Number Line

The product Ready Teddy Go has double-sided teddies so that after 0 to 9, you can turn over the 0 to see the 10. Thus the reverse side will show 10 more or 10 less. Of course little children can’t tell you this, but they can tell you what is on the back of the teddy!

Fun Animal Number Line

Fun Animal Line shows the connection between the digits and the teen numbers.
If you have 4 leopards on the oval card, you will see 14 is the same 4 but with ten extra leopards around the base.

Hang them side by side, and you can see the teen numbers so clearly.

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