Match Number Facts to 10 with Footie Facts!

Match Number Facts to 10 with Footie Facts!

Another great product for boys (and of course girls too!) uses a very popular sport – FOOTBALL!  It is also one that lends itself to ‘real life’ maths situations.
For example: Chelsea 1 versus Manchester 5

  1. How many goals were scored?
  2. What was the difference in the scores?
  3. How many players were on the pitch?
  4. How many minutes were the teams playing?
  5. How much extra time was played?

Footie Number Fact Cards concentrate on number facts to 10

Footie Facts are football kits that match numbered football shirts with football shorts to make number facts to 10 as well as by matching the colour shirts and shorts together.

Footie Number Facts to 10 - matching football kits

Footie Number Facts football shirt’s display numbers 0-10 and on their reverse the numbers also make 10. The matching colour coded football shorts similarly display 0-10.

Colour coded footballs are also included in the set. If the ball has 8 on one side there will be 2 on the reverse, and they will be the same colour as the 2 with 8 on the reverse.

  • If the shirts and shorts are placed with the same number on the shirts as on the shorts, then ‘doubles’ are introduced.
  • For older children what is the answer if the numbers are multiplied?

Footie Number Facts to 10 set includes photocopiable masters to support the cards and reinforce maths concepts. Photocopy them so children can ‘cut and stick’ and create the order of number, or a football chart for ‘more, less and difference’ or ‘data handling’.

THE CHILDREN BRING THESE PLAYERS ALIVE BY DRAWING THEIR OWN ACTION FIGURES. They can be fixed to card or paper with glue, blue tac or sellotape and the sum displayed but then peeled off for further use.


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