Number Bonds and Place Value – Zillions

Number Bonds and Place Value – Zillions

So in September nearly every teacher in the Primary School sector from Year 1 to Year 6 will be teaching or checking that children know and can use, NUMBER FACTS/BONDS TO 10.

Why does it take children so long to learn these basic facts. See Blog 11 where stickers and ‘Friends’ will help.

Colour for teaching number bonds and facts

Zillions - number bonds to 10, place value, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, equal too and more than and less than.

I had never used colour to teach bonds/facts and yet colour is a really useful memory aid. I was working on a product that had digits cut out so little children could ‘feel’ the eight or the four without seeing. I was trying to select 12 different colours when it suddenly dawned on me to repeat the colours. Zillions was produced and I worked with a bottom Year 2 group and just asked the four children to collect numbers in their colour. We did some sums with the numbers and talked for a while and as we went for lunch, I asked Paul what he’d collected. He did not say orange, but the 7 and 3s. What was Bethany collecting? “8 and 2” he replied without hesitation. He could remember what each child was collecting – they always know everybody else’s business as well as their own!

The beauty of Zillions is that the digits can make ANY number and brings in Place Value.

If 8 and 2 are placed on the table, then the 1 can be paced in front to make 18 and 2 and then moved over to make 8 and 12. Take this one stage further and you can make 30, 40 or in fact any number.  The set also includes the signs so that you can make sums and remove the sign to see if the child can see which operation has been made.

For more information on this product click on the product image.

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