Digit Pop Ups – number bonds and number lines made fun!

Digit Pop Ups – number bonds and number lines made fun!

Back to Maths…

I had two products – Place Value and Fractions

Number Bonds was a huge part of my supply work and I was always amazed at how long it took children to learn their bonds to 10. (Now known as ‘facts’ as in America!)

I started calling them Friends and linking them to friends within the class, so 6 and 4 would be Tani and Chloe etc. Good old stickers are great fun. It might not last long, but give every child a sticker on their jumper and match the bonds and the friends so 6 and 4 can go out to play, and 7 and 3 etc.

The birth of Digit Pop Ups

Digit Pop Ups - number bonds and number lines

My son was young and had one of the toys that popped a Disney type character when you pressed the red square, or blue triangle etc.

I combined a number line with characters that popped up and Digit Pop Ups was born. 10 people ‘pop up’ to reveal the number, or ‘pop down’ to hide the number. I sold 20,000 on the first print run and are still going strong.

Thus the first three products were great successes, and I thought I was going to make my fortune. WRONG! The educational world is hard going and I can design products with ease, but I look at a ‘profit and loss’ sheet with glazed eyes!!!

(See blog 6)

Look on YouTube to see these first three products in action.

Type in…

Sweet Counter: Early Years-Part 1

Sweet Counter: Early Years-Part 2


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