The story of Number Bonds/Facts to 6 with Plus Bus

The story of Number Bonds/Facts to 6 with Plus Bus

So now to the Plus Bus which is one of our earliest products and still selling well.

Plus Bus

Plus Bus - number facts/bonds to 6

There are six windows and it is designed to teach bonds to 6 and counting on, and generally the story of 6. Two insert buses show 1,2,3, or 4 people on the bus. (You can use these independently but most children only count the folding bus as the ‘proper’ one.) Once the insert is placed inside the bus, you can make a story about number 6.

Some examples of Scenarios and Uses

  1. If four children are viewed on the bus, how many more can fit on the bus?
  2. If the bus were full, how many have got off to go shopping?
  3. Can the children make up similar stories for the different number views? They usually like the ‘going to the loo’, ‘feeling sick’ ‘missed the bus’ scenarios.
  4. The reverse side shows six windows that you can write on and wipe off your passengers using dry wipe pens.
  5. Split pinholes are incorporated in each wheel so that the bus can be kept closed, or rotating wheels can be attached for the singing of the ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.
  6. Use finger puppets, or laminated photos of the children as counters to get on and off your bus.

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