Number Bond Recognition with Number Facts to 8 & 10

Number Bond Recognition with Number Facts to 8 & 10

The Plus Bus was followed by Jumbo Jets and Busy Boats.

Jumbo Jets - number facts to 8

The Jumbo Jets has eight windows on each of its 4 colourful, double sided planes. Children will count the 5 passengers, 1,2,3,4,5 and naturally write 6,7,8 in the blank windows, thus ‘counting on.’ Again you can ‘write on and wipe off’ using dry wipe pens. One has the windows cut out so forming a Jumbo Jet template. Each child can draw their own jet, complete their choice of the number of passengers and write the sum. Where is their jet going to?


Busy Boats - number facts to 10

The Busy Boat has ten windows to teach the all important bonds / facts to 10. There are three inserts and as they are double sided, they show the 6 permutations to make 10.

Again the emphasis is visualisation and maths stories using real situations and linking these to fast number bond recognition with UNDERSTANDING!


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