New Ideas for the School Classroom & Playground

New Ideas for the School Classroom & Playground

It is the summer now, and September is only a few weeks away. Teachers NEED the summer to recharge. They can forget the little rascals from last year, and start with a ‘clean slate’ with your ‘fresh class’.

Teaching Games

You will be filled with enthusiasm and everybody tries out new ideas. Some work and some do not. Here are a few ideas that worked for me.

  1. When it comes to tidying up and the floor is covered in bits, give out strips of Sellotape  to the ‘active tidier uppers’ and not the ones dancing around in front of you. The strips dab on the floor and collect those tiny bits within minutes.
  2. Use some scrap paper to make some ‘Wet Play’ Books. They cost nothing, are quick to distribute and can be taken home when completed.
  3. If you have a headache or a sore throat or a noisy class, then have a ‘whisper’ hour. If you whisper instructions, they will whisper requests.
  4. If your children are old enough – instead of whispering – write messages with simple instructions, and children have to write their requests and answers.
  5. Give everybody a number and for registration they have to say their number in sequence. They must NOT say anybody else’s number.
  6. When lining up – everybody takes a number 1st to 30th out of a box, and that is the order they line up in. No arguments! If they drop their card, they stand at the back. Remind them to drop them back in the box ready for another day.
  7. To teach evaporation – tip a bucket of water over the playground and IN the sun. Draw a chalk outline and each time you come out, the water will shrink!
  8. To teach shadows, one child stands with arms outstretched and the other draws around the shadow. They then swap roles and WRITE THEIR NAME BY THEIR SHADOW. Throughout the day, stand in the same position and see how the shadows change.
  9. Get a watering can and empty the water on the dry playground into the shape of a letter or number. This is the track that children run around in the correct way. E.g. ‘a’ starts at the top and goes ‘round up and down the same way’.
  10. Place a few stones on a grassy area and check each day. What happens to the grass and why?

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