How can I Help My Child with Maths?

How can I Help My Child with Maths?

We are now going to move away from the products, and look at a case study, a Year 3 child who considers her self ‘rubbish’ at maths.

Helping children with Maths – A Case Study

It is currently October and Lucy has just moved into the Juniors. SHE IS SUMMER BORN WITH A JUNE BIRTHDAY. Her mathematical concepts should be secure by this time, but many summer born children miss out on understanding concepts, after all, they are a year younger than many of the children in their class.

The Foundations of Mathematical Understanding

A concept is a ‘connection’ and all these connections build up the foundations of mathematical understanding. If the foundations are not secure children find it difficult to progress with confidence.

DON’T BLAME THE TEACHER. The best teacher will find it difficult to ‘reach’ and concentrate on the weaker maths group, or indeed stretch the stronger pupils as well as draw out the potential of the ‘average’ pupil.

A cry from many parents is “HE/SHE WON’T LISTEN TO ME!” “IT WAS DIFFERENT IN MY DAY” Basic concepts remain the same! The emphasis is ‘understanding’ rather than ‘rote’ learning. If they do not enjoy working with you as a parent, you do NOT have to do pencil and paper worksheets. Just walking to school has odd and even numbers on doorways, number plates to add digits at speed, shop windows advertising prices and discounts. As you will see, a big emphasis is ‘real maths’, ‘using and applying’ as it is termed.

Useful Tips to Help Children Understand Maths

Over a number of sessions we will identify many of the different concepts that children have to know and understand during Key Stage 1. You will see snippets of Lucy and I working together and using the Sweet Counter resources. The first session we used Zillions, Lady Bugs and Road Signs.

Take a look and follow Lucy on her maths journey.

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