Helping my child with Numbers and Number Work.

Helping my child with Numbers and Number Work.

MATHS IS ALL AROUND US. It is not just in our maths class.

  • Be a ‘digit detective’ and look for numbers on packets and tins, doors and numberplates. Use a magnifying glass.

  • Look for patterns in number. The 0 to 9 digits repeat to infinity and beyond, but they all take turns in front.
  • Watch out for reversals. 2379 are commonly reversed. If they had an eye, it would look as if they are walking backwards from the way we read and write. Always start at the TOP to write the number.
  • Watch out for children writing 14 as 41. You say 4 first!!

  • Look for the ‘message’ in the sum or the worksheet. E.g 8 + ? = 12
  • The message of this sum, is ‘count on to make a number’. Draw 8 spots, then draw a line and draw MORE spots to make a total of 12. Counting on appears to be the simplest of concepts. It is not! Many children struggle to ‘count on’ in their heads without going back to the beginning. Walking up stairs is good for this, and jumping along the pavement. If they jump 5, they will not want to go back to count on 3 more. They must put the 5 in their heads and go 6, 7, 8.
  • If they get something wrong, try not to say ‘NOoooo’ in a negative voice, but ‘nearly’ or ‘not quite’.
  • Avoid negative attitudes wherever possible. ‘He won’t be any good at maths as I was hopeless at maths!!!!!’ It does not have to follow.
  • Try to make it enjoyable. It does not have to be paper and pencil worksheets.
  • Use colour to bring things alive. The Lotttonumbers shows the ‘units’ pattern with horizontal colour, and then turn over the card, and you can see the tens pattern with the ‘vertical’ colour coding. (Remember Zillions with the colour coding to 10. Blog Number Bonds and Place Value).

View the Assessment video below. Is your child making similar mistakes to Lucy?

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