Maths is all around us

Maths is All Around Us

It was always one of the first lessons I did with children. Maths is not just the 1 hour a day working in our green books and getting ticks.

I recently visited a hotel and in the bathroom there was a paper bathmat with two big feet on it. There were 10 toes clearly marked.

The Paper Bath Mat

Here are a few of the suggestions of ‘work’ from this bath mat.

  1. 5 and 5 make 10 – counting in 5’s
  2. Subtract any number of toes and see how many left.
  3. Pairs of feet – How many feet with 5 bathmats? How many toes etc.?
  4. Area of an irregular shape – Draw a grid and workout approximate area.
  5. Reflection – Use a mirror to show that one foot is reflected is a flip image.
  6. Absorbtion – what are the qualities of the material the bathmat is made from?


Look around where you are sitting now and see how much maths can be found.

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