Fractions with Pizzas, Pies and Puds

Fractions with Pizzas, Pies and Puds

I produced the first product called Sweet Counter, and stuffed 2000 envelopes with my flier. They went off to a selection of schools in the home counties. The first order came for 5 sets by return of post. I was off and assumed the ‘word’ would get passed around the country that Sweet Counter had arrived. Fourteen years later word is still making its way around the country despite hundreds of thousands of stuffed envelopes and exhibitions galore.

Flip Flap Fractions

Pizzas, Pies and Puds

Back to the products. We were eating pizza when my son suggested doing something with Pizzas. I had made a brilliant worksheet with Pizzas, Pies and Puds, where children coloured and cut out 1 piece, maybe a fifth, tenth, third or sixth and then the remainder was four fifths etc. Thus Flip Flap Fractions were born. No parts to get lost, ideal for equivalent fractions, and the 10 olives, 8 cherries and 6 blobs of cream are all strategically placed to explain fractions and remainders. We were the FIRST to use real food to demonstrate fractions and now lots of companies are using this theme.

Another big message. Always try to use real life situations to demonstrate a concept.

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