Equivalent Fractions Made Easy!

Equivalent Fractions Made Easy!

Yet another fantastic product from Sweet Counter! Bits of Pizza – Bizza Pizza

Bits of Pizza or Bizza Pizza as we call them, will be a favourite with all children and teachers when they realise that equivalent fractions can be taught with ease.

Sweet Counter were the first company (fifteen years ago now) to produce a resource that taught fractions using Pizzas, Pies and Puds. Fractions had always been displayed as coloured rods that were cut into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc and coloured to show the fraction. Yawn, Yawn! What relevance does a wooden or plastic rod have to a child? Pizza however makes all children pay attention.

Flip Flap Fractions illustrate Equivalent fractions with eight pizza, pie and pud discs.

Flip Flap Fractions to teach equivalent fractions

Flip Flap Fractions

are not only a Pizza, (⅕ and 10ths) but a lemon tart (⅓ and ⅙), cherry ice (⅛ and ¼), and a lattice tart (¼ and ⅛). The vinyl discs have a slit so you can fold a tenth and flip over to see the remainder – nine 10ths.


It is still going strong today, but Bizza Pizza takes the concept of fractions further, and concentrates on the area of ‘equivalent fractions’.

Bizza Pizza are 24 whole pizzas each divided into various different slices to visually illustrate equivalent fractions

Bizza Pizza are 24 whole pizzas each divided into various different slices to visually illustrate equivalent fractions.


These eight double laminated card pizzas have either 16, 12, or 10 olives on them and thus the ‘fraction families’ of 16th, ⅛, ¼ and ½, or ⅕ and 10th or 12th, ⅙ and ⅓ can be seen.


The crux of the set is, that the pizzas are double sided and the equivalent fraction can be seen on the reverse side.

The set is designed so the pieces can be cut out and arranged to show the ‘equivalent’ fraction. Cut out two of the 16ths and turn over and you will see an ⅛. Cut out the ⅕ and turn over and you will see the two 10ths. The double laminated surface means that pieces can be written on with ‘write on and wipe off’ pens, but also indelible pen, so that the ⅖ can be seen at a glance and identified with ease.

This set displays the all important teaching point:


Encourage accurate cutting, as again the all important message with fractions is:


Every parent has at one time cut an apple etc. and asked if they want the big half?

Then there is the ⅓. This word ‘third’ I’ve ‘heard, means after second and before fourth? Aghhh!  Every teacher has at some time seen the ‘glazed eyes’ of confused children who do not understand this  important concept. YOU ARE ONLY DEALING WITH 1 AND BITS OF THAT ONE CUT UP they should stress. Bizza Pizza visualises this for child and teacher. It is adaptable and can form displays, games, and interest for those poor teachers and children facing ‘fraction fortnight’.

The set includes three sets of six pizzas and a photocopiable master workbook.

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