Counting & Counting On…

Counting & Counting On…

So obvious and so easy for children to do’.


Certainly some children find it easy, but it is such a crucial concept that affects early addition and subtraction, and a skill still used regularly by adults on a daily basis. E.g change

Here are some useful ways to teach “counting on.”

  1. In the playground. Jump 4 jumps and freeze. (To keep everybody still.) Then say we are going to ‘count on 2 more”. No body will want to go back to the start so 2 more jumps will bring us to 6. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT using the same numbers, but putting hands on heads and squeezing the 4 in your head, so 5 and 6 are the next two jumps.
  2. Sponge dice with red and spots on one, and numbers on the other. Start with 5 showing and throw the spotty dice and count the spots starting at 5.
  3. When doing the register, and you have to count the total with the whole class. They must LISTEN and STOP and SQUEEZE the number into their heads, and then count on and continue. Repeat this 3 or 4 times every time as you count to 30.
  4. Very useful for money work is being able to count in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 etc. It is also a very useful full class warm up exercise. Thus count in 1s starting at 18. At 22, continue counting in 2s until 38, then count in 10s, then 5s etc.
  5. See previous blog with the Heads that have the ‘hole in the head and the sliding rule’. Always stress that the number must be held in their head.

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