Heads & Hands for Addition, Subtraction and Number Bonds/Facts to 20

Heads & Hands for Addition, Subtraction and Number Bonds/Facts to 20

I was off with my products and each time I had £ or credit, then I designed a new product.

Heads and Hands were one of the next products and it looked at bonds to 20.

Heads & Hands - to teach addition, subtraction, counting on and counting back to 20

Children always had problems working above 10 as they only have ten fingers. Getting children to ‘count on’ beyond 10 was also difficult, and subtracting even more problematic. (They count back down the number line and forget if they have to count the one they start with and the one they land on.)

With ‘counting on’ I always stressed ‘PUT THE NUMBER IN YOUR HEAD, AND COUNT ON’.

I thus designed a boy and girl cartoon Head with hole in the forehead, so that you can see the number on a vertical slide rule. Subtracting was simple, just slide backwards and see what you land on.

This helps with timing, but what you really want is for children to manipulate those numbers in their own head. This set gives the bridge between physical and abstract.

For subtraction you want children to ‘count on’ to make a number, and this is where the “heads’ help with ‘timing’.

  1. The sum (number sentence) is 8 + 4, so slide from 0 to 8.
  2. You are going to add four more, but are you going to go back and start at 8???
  3. No, you are going to ‘count on’ four more and land on 12.
  4. Now go back and do it again, but count the four numbers – 9, 10, 11, 12.
  5. The number you land on is the answer and gets the tick.

Just so easy for adults and many children, yet so difficult for others.

(All nursery and reception teachers will know about the stage where they HAVE to count those five fingers again in 5 + 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.)

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